Sunday, 17 November 2013

Protolanguage 3 videos

Language ought to be the jewel in the crown for students of cultural evolution and memetics.

So far, it hasn't always turned out that way - with many students of the evolution of language apparently ignoring cultural evolution and memetics.

The exceptions include Mark Changizi, Simon Kirby, Peter Richerson and George van Driem and Frederik Kortlandt.

Anyway, enough of my preamble. The point of this post is to say that the Ways to Protolanguage 3 videos are out. There seem to be only four of them - they are available here.

Though we may have some students of language evolution subscribed here, these vidoes don't have much content that relates to cultural evolution - which is a shame. Language evolved culturally, adapting to the human mind. Then some genes coevolved with the language memes - to produce babbling babies and the other traits of modern language-adapted humans. The cultural evolution of early language is really the key to understanding this picture.

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