Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Animal culture on video

Here is a brief collection of videos illustrating cultural-transmission in the rest of the animal kingdom.

Chimpanzee Culture and Medicine Usage

Shows chimpanzees engaging in learned termite hunting, bone picks for digging out bone marrow, sponges, herbal medicine, kissing, saluting/shaking hands, and leaf-tearing to signal others for grooming.

From the National Geographic documentary "New Chimpanzees" (1995).

Monkey Culture: Japanese snow monkeys washing potatoes

Chimp culture

Chimpanzee Culture and Learning

Another experiment by Victoria Horner illustrating that different groups of chimpanzees have culture and learning abilities unique to each group. Two chimpanzees are taught two different methods of acquiring a treat, and then sent back to teach their groups and pass the information on.

To put it in context, note that the documentary follows the host travelling to various regions to examine various ape studies, and putting forth the idea that "chimpanzees are people" to gauge opinions and reactions to this notion.

A clip from the BBC Horizon documentary, "Chimps are People, Too".

Killer Whale Culture - by David Attenborough

What makes some killer whales savage mammals while others are happy to play and show off? David Attenborough explores the culture of the killer whale.

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