Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ted Cloak: Perception Control Theory and the Evolution of Culture

The first time on YouTube for Ted Cloak's narrated presentation: Perception Control Theory and the Evolution of Culture:

Ted Cloak is a pioneer in the field. He published "Is a cultural ethology possible?" and "Cultural Darwinism: Natural Selection of the Spoked Wood Wheel" in 1968. He was among the researchers cited by Dawkins (1976). He has continued pursuing the evolution of culture over the decades since then.

In this animated slideshow, Ted Cloak explains the fundamentals of Perception Control Theory (PCT), particularly emphasising the control of perception by hierarchies of control systems. For further information on PCT, see

Also see Ted Cloak's home page for the full video and further resources: The page has a list of his publications - and more detials about the presentation above.

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