Monday, 3 June 2013

Basic concepts in memetics

I have a page where some of my memetics-related content is indexed. However, there's a lot of content from me on this blog (and elsewhere) that hasn't been indexed there yet.

This post is a step towards indexing some of this content - under the general theme of basic concepts.


Memetic engineering - Synthesizing memes;
Memetic hitchhiking - Memes being taken for a ride;
Cultural kin selection - Memes have relatives too;
Population memetics  - Meme frequency analysis;
Phylomemetics  - Meme frequency analysis;
Memetic algorithms - Harnessing the meme to optimise;
Memetic linkage - Memes can be linked to other memes;
Memealogy - Memes form family lineages;
Retromemes - Memes that spread via hitchhiking;
The meme's eye view  - Adopting a meme-centric perspective;
Meme warfare - Memes locked in battles to the death;
Meme therapy - Memes for improving health and wellbeing;
Memes and the red queen  - Memetic coevolutionary dynamics;
Memetic assimilation - Like genetic assimilation but in reverse;
Memetic takeover - The new replicators triumph;


Generalised epidemiology - Epidemiology beyond parasites;
Epidemic threshold - When memes go viral;

Universal Darwinism

Universal Darwinism - Copying with variation and selection - in general;
Universal selection - Natural selection of non-living objects;
Universal reproduction - On the ubiquity of copying processes in nature;
Positional inheritance - The most basic form of inheritance;
NanoDarwinism - Darwinism with fewer axioms;
Degenerative Darwinism - Darwinism without cumulative adaptations;
Informational Genetics - Genes as information;

A New Kind of Evolution

A New Kind of Evolution - Future evolution will be performed by intelligent agents;
A New Kind of Evolution - Textbooks - Cultural evolution - what the textbooks say;
A New Kind of Evolution - Quotes - Cultural evolution - quotations on the topic;

Memes and specific adaptations

Memes and the upright gait hypothesis - Memes made humans walk upright;
The big brain as a meme nest - Memes made humans have large brains;
Memes and the evolution of human ultrasociality - Memes made humans highly social creatures;

Early videos

Synthetic Life Is Here Already -  New self-replicating agents are here, now;
Misunderstood Memetics - Memetic misunderstandings;
More Memetic Misunderstandings - More memetic misunderstandings;
Misunderstandings within memetics - Misunderstandings from the ranks of the supporters;
My memetic misunderstandings - About my own issues with memetics;
Evaluation under simulation - The virtualization of conflict;
Memetics: Death Report Exaggerated - Comments on the meme's premature obituary;

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