Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Memes

A new book - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Memes - by John Gunders and Damon Brown - is out now. Blurb:
Memes are "viruses of the mind"-symbols, ideas, or practices that are transmitted through speech, gestures, and rituals. Understanding how symbols like the peace sign or ad slogans like "Where's the beef?" or viral videos become part of our common culture has become a primary focus of sales and marketing companies across the globe. The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to Memes explains how memes work, how they spread, and what memes tell us about how we make sense of our world.

  • First book to cover all types of memes, including viral memes in the digital age

  • Features the Most Influential Memes in History and the Ten Biggest Internet Memes
  • The author has a blog: http://thememesofproduction.org/

    There is a review: here.

    I think it is good that there is now an official "Idiot's Guide" to memes. Now, when people ask me particularly stupid questions about memes and memetics, I have somewhere suitably patronising to refer them to.

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