Saturday, 2 November 2013

Andy West: The Catastrophic AGW Memeplex

I identified global warming as a bad cause some time ago. However, I don't discuss the AGW fiasco very much - since fighting the hysteria is so obviously a lost cause. Also, capable people like Matt Ridley seem to have much more time to spend on it.

Now there's a neat analysis of catastrophic anthropocentric global warming as a parasitic memeplex - written by Andy West.

These links promote a more detailed PDF document (128 pages). It closes with:

My closing comment is that if memeticists want a prime example to shore up their nascent science, of how a rampant memeplex can trample individual wills and common sense, can sweep up millions of individuals into the "agenda" of its own survival, not to mention causing net negative effects on a global scale, then they need look no further than CAGW.
Overall, it's a good analysis. I endorse Andy West's message.

It's sad that Andy West finds it necessary to include a memetics 101 in the document. People should have learned this material in school.

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