Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Justin Bieber is more popular than god

Google and Facebook have been more popular than god for a while now.

Research shows that The Beatles were never more popular than Jesus. However, these days, god is being eclipsed by mere mortals.

In 2010, some celebrities (Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga) became more popular than god:

Justin is more popular - at least temporarily - according to Google's metrics.

As the graphs show God and Jesus combined may still hold their own over the world of mortals (holy trinity win!) - though this situation may not last for much longer.

However, Google and Facebook make god look insignificant:

Google have their own shrine: The Church of Google - for those who want to pray to something that actually exists, and might even answer.

A previous analysis of the "justin vs god" phenomenon may be found here.

2016 update - multiple news articles have now covered this story - e.g. CNET.

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