Thursday, 28 July 2011

Parasitic mind control movies

In memetics, memes compose the genomes of symbiotic visitors from the cultural realm. They influence our behaviour for their own ends. Some of them are parasitic. Mind control parasites are a popular phenomenon in science fiction movies. Here are some trailers for some of those movies:

The puppet masters (trailer)

Slither (trailer)

Shivers (trailer)

Rabid (trailer)

The Thing (trailer)

Dawn of the Dead (trailer)

Night of the creeps (trailer)

This list was partly inspired by the TV tropes "Puppeteer Parasite" page.

Many zombie movies have a mild "mind control" theme.

A few other candidates: Parasitic (trailer) and The Thing (2011) (trailer).

For some real parasitic mind control perhaps try my previous collection of videos.

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