Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Parasitic mind control

In memetics, memes compose the genomes of symbiotic visitors from the cultural realm. They influence our behaviour for their own ends. Many of them are parasitic.

Humans are not the only type of creature to be infected with mind-control parasites. Here are some videos illustrating the phenomenon:

Ant liver fluke lavae - Dicrocoelium dendriticum.

Wasp and caterpillar. Parasitic Mind Control doesn't start until 3:30.

Cordyceps Fungus - attacking an ant.

Glyptapanteles (wasp) - using a young caterpillar host to guard its own eggs.

Leucochloridium Paradoxum is a parasitic flatworm that uses gastropods (snails and slugs) as an intermediate host. It turns their eye stalks into an animated display and makes them crawl out into the sunshine.

Toxoplasma Gondii - makes rodents like cats.

Spinochordodes Tellinii - Infects grasshoppers - makes them drown themselves.

Rabies - affects mammals - makes them "bitey".

Cuckoo - parasitizing reed warblers - behavioural manipulation by remote control using superstimulii.

Orchard spider parasited by wasp grub

For more, perhaps see:

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