Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lord Immolation's meme videos

I haven't posted LordImmolation's meme videos here before - so here they are:

The last video starts off talking about The Naked Ape and The Moral Animal - but gets onto the topic of memes towards the end.

Like many critics of evolutionary psychology, LordImmolation points out that the "environment of evolutionary adaptedness" is best thought of as being a spatially-diverse patchwork of many different environments - which is true, but doesn't seem to be a show-stopping criticism.

The real problem with evolutionary psychology so far has been its focus on human universals - and its near-complete neglect of cultural evolution. This makes it into a kind-of joke science of psychology and human behaviour - since it misses out so much of the topic it is supposed to be studying.

As LordImmolation says, evolutionary psychology looks fixable - just add memetics.


  1. Hey! Just checking to see my impact! Thanks for posting these - good looking chap there! - Kyle