Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Doubling time of the "meme" meme

There's one meme that I'm more interested in that most of the other ones. It's the "meme" meme.

Last year I declared it to be the year of the meme - and I posted these graphs:

Web search (meme):

Web search (memes):

Eyeballing them suggests that the "meme" meme enjoyed super-exponential growth in 2011 - with a doubling time of just a few months towards the end of the year.

99% cute kittens, I am sure - but no doubt some will get around to wondering how memes evolve. So: that still looks quite positive for the long-term health of memetics, I figure.

Early in 2012, the growth of the "meme" meme looks pretty incredible. How long can this go on for? Will we see "peak meme" - and if so, when?

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