Monday, 5 March 2012

Campus memes

Memes go "viral" in freshman minds, it seems.

Young minds are more vulnerable to memetic infections. They are programmed to nature to absorb memes less critically - and have had less time to build up a memetic immune system. This is a kind of double vulnerability. So, it is no great surprise to see the nation's youth gripped by meme fever. This is mostly a recent phenomenon, though. Major news outlets have coverage:

Time has: "College Humor: School-Themed Memes Are Taking Off".

Huffington Post has an article documenting the spread of internet memes via college and university campusses - and their online sharing facilities.

The Daily Collegian has: "Memes unite the masses".

Mashable has: "20 Colleges Where Internet Memes Are All the Rage".

MediaShift has: "College Memes Madness: Students Posting Non-Stop on Facebook".

USAToday has: "Campus-themed Internet memes go viral".

Know Your Meme has a page on "Facebook University Meme Pages".

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