Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Artistic impressions of the "meme" meme

I've come across a number of visualisations of computer viruses - perhaps most notably Weird Al's Virus Alert video. However, I haven't seen too many artistic interpretations of the "meme" meme.

Light-bulbs are one way of doing it - as seen on the cover of my memetics book or in Pat Linse's now well-known illustration for Susan Blackmore's The Power of the Meme Meme article.

Another approach I came across recently was in a paper titled "Memes and Fitness Landscapes". It is shown to the right. I tracked down the original. It is an illustration by Adam McCauley created for the article The Meme Hunter - by Andrew Brown.

Somehow the hairy legs and red gloves/boots remind me of a housefly with dirty feet.

I rather like - but meme critics will probably hate - this kind of "agentification" of the "meme" meme.

Part of my interest in the theme is as possible inspiration for the cover of my proposed "memes" book.

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