Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wanted: everyday examples of natural elimination

Elimination, as part of Universal Darwinism represents a ubiquitous collection of processes.

I've been looking for familiar and "everyday" examples of elimination - for my next book. I want to show how processes involving cumulative elimination which apply to inanimate objects - as well as to biological entities. Here are some of the examples I have come up with so far:

  • Fridges gradually fill up with useless, rarely-eaten foodstuffs;
  • Wallets gradually fill up with low-denomination coins.

These are useful and good examples. However, both illustrate elimination gradually making the situation worse via the removal of desirable items. I've got one 'everyday' example of elimination gradually making the situation better via the removal of dud or broken items. Here it is:

  • Glasses in a drinks cabinet are not chipped or cracked - since any such glasses get trashed.

Can readers think of any better familar examples of elimination in action?

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