Sunday, 27 February 2011

Memory, Social Networks, and Language: Probing the Meme Hypothesis - Videos

All the videos from the imitation and memes conferences:

Computational Memetics
Michael Best (Georgia Institute of Technology)

The Role of Memes in Cultural Evolution: memes if necessary, but not necessarily memes
Marion Blute (Sociology, University of Toronto)

Is a Handaxe a Meme
Michael Chazan (Anthropology, University of Toronto)

How Useful is Memetics to Evolutionary Archaeologies
Ethan Cochrane (Institute of Archaeology, University College London)

The Population Memetics of Bird Song
Alejandro Lynch

Rationality, Evolution, and the Meme Concept
Keith Stanovich (University of Toronto)

Symbiosis and the Leiden Definition of the Meme
George van Driem (Leiden University)

Is it Good to Share? The Parallel between Information Transfer and Horizontal Gene Transfer
Paul G. Higgs (Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University)

What is a meme? A functional definition
Robert Finkelstein (Robotic Technology Inc. and University of Maryland University College)

Social Networks Theory: Networked Lives and Meme Fields
Barry Wellman (Centre for Urban & Community Studies , University of Toronto)

The Social Structures of (Memetic) Diffusion
Bernie Hogan (Department of Sociology, University of Toronto)

Irresistible Changes in Languages: The Case of Italiese
Domenico Pietropaolo (Italian Studies, University of Toronto)

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory and its Relevance to Meme Research
Morris Moscovitch (Psychology, University of Toronto)

Putting Memetic to the Test: The Case of Historical Trends in English Phonotactics
Nikolaus Ritt (Linguistics, University of Vienna)

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