Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rachel Haywire on "the death of memetics"

Rachel Haywire recently wrote:
It seems like everyone on the Internet acts like a 14 year old troll. Can I haz my culture back? I don’t think that lolcats are funny. They might as well symbolize the death of memetics. The fittest memes are parody macros. Can we say cyber-idiocracy?
It is true that the things popularly known as "memes" are not exactly what Richard Dawkins visualised - but I don't think we should be that gloomy. Memes have finally found their home on the internet - and as a result, references to memes are increasing in frequency all over the planet. The popular triumph of the term has got to be a good thing for the health of memetics in the long term - I figure. Many marketers and advertisers will trace the term back to its roots, and get turned on to the topic that way.

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