Saturday, 17 September 2011

Daniel Dennett - The Human Mind as an Upside Down Brain

This a is two-hour video from 2011. The memes start around 50 minutes in.

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  1. I spotted a perfect example of what Dennett is calling "competence without comprehension". All I had to do is observe the camera work in this video.

    Whoever is behind the camera is clearly adjusting its position continually to frame Dennett's head, but when he starts talking about the overhead image projected on the screen beside him, the camera operator faithfully tracks his head (and only his head) as he walks over to the image and points at it. At no point does it occur to the camera operator to show the viewer what Dennett is talking about.

    I can only conclude that the person operating the camera was not listening to Dennett, but DID understand how to point a camera. Competence without comprehension indeed!