Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kids interview kids about memes

The next generation is growing up in a world of memes. This school project about memes documents some of their experiences via interviews.


  1. 3:48 "Whenever I can't find the creativity in myself to say something in my own words, I call upon memes."

    Yup, she's got it! At least, I hope she gets what she just said. In general, I find that the current generation of teens and 20-somethings get memes far better than my generation (born in the late 50's).

    I wonder how many of them "get" that the message of the RickRoll has nothing to do with the content of that song? I'm guessing they sense it.

  2. Incidentally, I notice that this blog is set up to ask for a Captcha after clicking "Post Comment", but it's very VERY easy to miss. As a result, I suspect that a lot of people THINK they've left a comment but actually navigate away from the final step.

  3. Yup! After clicking "Post Comment" I was taken back to the top of the page. It looked like I was done! But after manually scrolling down I saw the Captcha. I was not finished, after all!

    I wonder how much good feedback has been lost due to this design flub. I'm not sure if you can turn this "feature" off, but I don't think my blog (also on BlogSpot) does it.

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