Thursday, 25 August 2011

Domatia videos

Some of the mutualist relationships of particular interest to memeticists are ones which feature adaptive symbiont homes.

Ant Domatia are one of the most obvious enlarged structures which function to house symbiont visitors.

Domatia are relevant to memetics, because of the big brain hypothesis - according to which our enlarged cranium has swollen up to make a nest for memes.

For more about the significance of domatia in the context of memetics, see my book.

Perfect Symbiosis - tree ants.

Ant Domatia.

Elephants Are Terrified By Ants.

Acacia Tree Ants.

Bull-Horn Acacia Ants.

Elephants keep ants in harmony with tree hosts .

Ants and the Whistling Thorn Acacia.

Ant Plant - Myrmecophyte.

Ant-House Plants, So Strange!

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