Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mutualism videos

In memetics, culture is in a symbiotic relationship with humans. Cultural creatures have symbiotic relationships with humans - and with each other. So: understanding symbiosis is the key to understanding how human culture works.

Some symbiotic relationships are mutually-beneficial. The term for such relationships is "mutualism". Mutualist relationships are ubiquitous in biology. Some videos illustrate the phenomenon in the organic world:

Ant and caterpillar symbiosis.

Acacia Tree Ants.

Leaf cutter ants and fungus.

Clownfish and Sea Anemone Partnership.

Caribbean Cleaners.

Hippo Spa.

Elephants Are Terrified By Ants .

Ant Caterpillar Mutualism.

Perfect Symbiosis - tree ants.

Ant-aphid mutualism.

Coral Reef Symbiosis.

Evolution coevolution of the ant and fungi.

Symbiotic Relationships.

Ants farm aphids.

Tree Ants & Caterpillars.

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